Proxyportal do not host any copyrighted or illegal content & We are not subject to United States law!

Please remember that you will be liable for damages caused by filing a DMCA request that is not valid, misrepresented, or under false pretenses. This includes both the costs to the other party and legal fees. Recently a company was ordered to pay $100,000 for trying to remove online materials that were protected by fair use, so please take this warning seriously.
You are strongly recommended to contact a lawyer before filing any claims.

If you wish to file a DMCA request, you must send the following:

  • Identify in detail where the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed upon is located. Include any infringing URLs and other relevant details.
  • Identify the materials that you claim are infringing your copyright, such as if it is an image, page, or so on.
  • Provide contact information so you can be contacted. This includes an email, a phone number, and a mailing address.
  • Sign the document and print your name under that.
  • Personal or attornies notices wont be processed, they have to come from companies or dmca/eipred agents.
  • A valid email address [email protected] will help you to prove you’re representing or you’re the legitimate copyright owner. We will NOT process requests from free mailboxes (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, MailRu etc)

Respect our work and we will respect yours.
Threats wont do you any good.
DMCA complaints might be refused to comply at our discretion.
Send this document via email to [email protected]
Sending DMCA Takedowns to our ISP’s / Registrar or other addresses will result in no action being taken.